For Me Marketing is the Art of building commercial bridges and relationships between the buyer and the customer, and what a better way to perform that than creating a fictional characters that represent the different customer segments that your business targeted, and that what we call a Customer Persona.

So What Exactly Is A Customer Persona

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Customer Persona is a fictional representation of your ideal customers, and it is a tool that will help you predict customers behaviors, manners by tapping into that mentality of theirs.


Why Should You Create A Customer Persona

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Short Answer: having a psychologically rich persona it will help you spot market strategy’s flaws in the early stages of your journey.
Long Answer: alongside the fact that I just mentioned above, customer persona will helps you grow your business even on a much bigger scale than before and that by allowing you tapping into the persona’s own perspective and see your product/service with its own eyes and determine what do you like and dislike about it, also it can expose you to what we call a Buying scenarios where the focus is mainly on exploring the product of tomorrow, in which we can prepare alternative business solutions for that.
And the most awesome thing is that you will got to do all of this and more from a safe position without taking any marketing risks and spending crazy money doing so .

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How To Create The Perfect Persona

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The main tip that I can give to you for having a good customer persona is that you really have to live the role of your character, that’s critical and only after you accomplished that you be able to distinguish the different customer groups that you have, and these groups can be assembled according to 4 main criteria: Demographics, Behaviors, Goals, and Frustrations.
Bellow we will have some common question that will help us determining them:


  • What is the age & gender of your customer?
  • What is his/her occupation?
  • Where does he/she live?
  • What is his/her relationship status?


  • What are your customers typical actions at work?
  • At home?
  • At leisure?


Which are related to the product/service of course

  • What he/she would like to achieve?
  • What are his/her wishes/desires?


Same thing as for the goals, here they are also related to the product/service of course

  • What arises the frustration?
  • How much does it influence his/her everyday life?

Customer Persona Wrap Up

So this was the Customer Persona in short, I hope it was informative and not to boring, and if you enjoyed the post and want to show appreciation to the writer and the blog as a whole, just Subscribe to our Newsletter to stay updated with our content and share, like and follow us on social Media (links below in the footer :D).

Take Care !! until we meet again in another Post from TechTalko



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